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Flip stool

Type: Dining
Item number: 54060T
Stackable: Yes
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Flip stool is made of teak with a mortise and tenon joint. The stool is designed by the Danish design duo Strand+Hvass. A stunning design detail is the teak slats on the seat, which give the stool a stylish and unique design. Flip stool is stackable to ensure that it takes up minimal space when stored. The teak gives a warm glow to the simple and elegant stool. Flip stool is made from Grade A teak, which is the highest quality of teak. The teak is harvested under the SVLK certification ensuring that the teak production supports responsible forest management. To preserve the original golden-brown teak colour and maintain the fine teak wood, we recommend using Cane-line Teak Care products.

Flip stool (54060)
45 cm
17.7 inches *
38 cm
14.9 inches *
47 cm
18.6 inches *
Seat height:
47 cm
18.6 inches *
3.2 kg
7.1 lbs *
* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on

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