Aura back cushion, Cane-line Zen


Aura back cushion, Cane-line Zen

Type: Lounge
Item number: FR10BC1015105
Stackable: No
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Aura is an indoor modular sofa concept, where you can combine individual elements to create a lounge space that matches your needs and demands. The Aura back cushion with down-filling can easily be added to other Aura elements. A comfy back cushion provides optimal seating comfort. It is an upholstered back cushion, where the fabric is removable giving you the possibility to change the fabric and wash it if necessary.

Aura back cushion, Cane-line Zen
66 cm
26 inches *
17 cm
6.7 inches *
44 cm
17.4 inches *
1.5 kg
3.4 lbs *
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