The home of Kirsty, The UK

Neutral base

“I love modern minimalist design. I find much of my inspiration mainly on Pinterest.”

Kirsty decorates her home in order to create a neutral base. She experiments with textures instead of colours. By mixing different materials in the interior, she creates a modern and refined Nordic expression, which still has a very homely atmosphere.

The furniture that fits into any room

"This chair (Peacock lounge chair) can literally be placed anywhere in my home."

Peacock lounge chair is a unique and beautiful chair that has a lot of character. First, Kirsty had it next to the wood stove in the open living room, but later moved it into the kitchen, where it matched nicely with the dark kitchen cabinets.
“Both places for the chair looked equally good. We may consider moving it into our newly decorated office. The possibilities are many!”

Be true to yourself

Kirsty's best interior design advice is to be true to yourself, and not try to include too many interior design ideas from photos on Pinterest - even if you love them. Instead, look at your saved photos on Pinterest and Instagram, and notice if there is a common theme - e.g., similar colours or a particular style that repeats itself. Use it as a starting point, and then the décor will not be characterized by seven different styles.

"I love saying 'less is more' in my home!"