Make the terrace and garden ready for spring & summer

Make the terrace and garden ready for spring & summer

Make the terrace and garden ready for spring & summer

A blog post written by Maria Lundvald (livsnyderhaven) as part of a collaboration

After a long winter, it is the absolute best feeling to make the terrace ready for spring and summer again.

Every year, I feel the excitement in my stomach. I dream about that this is going to be THE YEAR, where we finally get all our unfinished projects done. The year, where the garden grows perfectly – I even imagine that the coffee I drink on my terrace tastes better! This year, we have upgraded our terrace with the simple and modern Grow planters from Cane-line.

Outdoor Cane-line planters with bamboo trees

I always dream big in April, and this year is no exception.  

We have already made our terrace ready for spring. Our terrace has been given new coating and we have put out all our garden furniture. The round Grow planter on the terrace is planted with delicious herbs and we have already grilled outside one time. The round planter is ideal for planting herbs and with the placement on the terrace, it is easy when you need some herbs in your cooking. Even though it still might be cold some days, we still enjoy sitting outside under a warm blanket.

Outdoor Cane-line planter with herbs

This year, our garden and terrace have a new and important task, because we are not going on vacation due to COVID-19. I believe that many are in the same situation as us, and therefore I recommend spending some extra time in the garden this year. We believe that we are going to use and enjoy the garden and terrace more than ever before. So, this year our vacation goes to Costa del Terrace and we are so ready!

Outdoor Cane-line planter on the terrace

In the large Grow planters on the terrace I have planted some Japanese bamboos. This gives a jungle feeling to the terrace, which I personally really like. I love travelling to Bali and Borneo, and it is also one of the places where I find my inspiration. It is all about finding your own style and what works for your outdoor space.

For me it is all about feeling comfortable at home.

Our greenhouse is already filled with small plants and flowers, which I planted back in March.

I can already see that I once again have planted too many plants, even though I had promised myself to have fewer plants this year. It all comes down to the limited space in our garden. But I just love the feeling of nature around me.

Outdoor Cane-line planter on the terrace

Despite the strange times, everything seems to be almost normal around here. The greenhouse is beginning to bloom with plants, and the garden is starting to change to green like everything else. We are looking forward to the times ahead, where the garden will be filled with life and enjoyable moments.

There is a lot of things to look forward to, and we are especially looking forward to a Danish summer in Denmark!

Grow planter, small; Grow planter, medium; Grow planter, large; Grow planter, rectangular.

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