Find the table that suits you perfectly

Find the table that suits you perfectly

Find the table that suits you perfectly

At Cane-line, you find a wide range of designer tables. With our various collections, you can find a table with a design that matches your needs. With our mission "life made comfortable" we never compromise on comfort, quality and durability. Our materials are carefully selected and tested to withstand all weather conditions, so the look and comfort remain the same for many years and only require minimal maintenance. All our products can be mixed and matched as everything fits together in height and colour tones. All our chairs fit the height no matter which table you choose. The tables are available in several lengths. At Cane-line, we value the environment highly, and therefore produce in materials that are durable and do not change appearance and comfort over time

Below you will find a more detailed description of some of our most popular collections:

Dining area table and chairs outdoor furniture

Designer: Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen MDD   


Our Pure table has a very elegant and minimalist design. It is available as a dining table or coffee table. The frame is made of  aluminium and is available in several colours. The tabletops are available in several variants, and are made of stylish ceramic, which is scratch-resistant and UV-resistant, which means that it can stand outside in any weather. It is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Modern dining set with teak details

Designer: Cane-line design team          


Aspect is a unique table in durable and elegant materials. Aspect combines the glow and warmth of the teak, with stylish and solid ceramic. Aspect is designed with the focus on creating a unique range of tables that can match the growing collection of high-end chairs for the outdoor space. Aspect is created with a teak frame, a solid aluminium core and a stylish ceramic tabletop. The mix of wood and ceramics give an exclusive and refined expression that can set the frame for a fantastic outdoor dining area.

Beautiful dining tablle with modern grey chairs outdoor

Designer: Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen MDD    


Endless is a table that matches different needs, as the table is designed both in a rectangular and round and is available in different sizes. The Endless table is made of certified teak which gives it a natural look and you get a table that can last a lifetime. Teak is an oil rich wood type, which is ideal for outdoor use. The tree gets a natural silver-grey patina over time. Teak wood can also retain its natural glow, using teak oil.

Simple and modern dining area Cane-line outdoor

Designer: Cane-line design team


Joy is a combination of elegant clean lines, and an accomplished design language. The Joy collection offers a collection of stylish dining tables for your outdoor space. The table base of Joy gives the series its unique expression, which with aluminium conical table legs and its curved shape, gives an aesthetic and minimalist look. The tables in the series come in both a round and a rectangular model, and in a darker and lighter version. The tabletops are manufactured in compact laminate (HPL) with a beautiful finish or in ceramic with a nice structure. Both table tops have a scratch-resistant surface and require minimal maintenance.

Round dining table outdoor furniture

Designer: Welling/Ludvik       


Area is an elegant round aluminium table with a diameter of 110 cm. It is a timeless design, and with both legs and tabletop in the same colour. It gives a completely clean look which makes it easy to combine with other styles pf outdoor furniture. Due to its construction, the table is easy to move around and can be used in different places in the outdoor space.

Modern outdoor kitchen and dining set

Designer: Cane-line design team


The Drop tables are combined with a stylish ceramic table top and soft shapes in the aluminium frame. Drop comes as both dining table, café table and bar table, all with interchangeable table tops. The dining table is available in a variety of sizes, some with additional plates - to match every need and make room for cosy outdoor dinners. The ceramic table top with a resilient and rough surface is made of ceramic that is scratch-resistant and UV-resistant, which means it can stand outside in any weather. It is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Dining chairs and table outdoor Cane-line

Designer: Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen MDD   


The beautiful garden table, Core, is a modern teak wooden table. The core frame is made of aluminium, and the table top consists of teakwood slats that have a natural look and a long lifespan. Teak is an oil rich wood type, which is ideal for outdoor use. The wood gets a natural silver-grey patina over time. However, it can also retain its natural glow, using teak oil. The core table is available in different sizes and the frame is available in two different colours, lava grey and taupe.

Romantic outdoor dining set from Cane-line

Designer: Cane-line design team


Our beautiful classic Lansing table is a combination of Cane-line Weave® and a table top of natural stone, called travertine. The frame in Cane-line Weave® is available in several different colours, nature and taupe, which is a dyed and durable polyethylene fibre, which is made for outdoor use as it can withstand water and large temperature differences and is UV resistant. Travertine table top is natural stone that is polished and appears glossy and smooth.

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