Choose the right parasol that suits your outerior

Choose the right parasol that suits your outerior

Choose the right parasol that suits your outerior

You have made your garden, terrace or balcony beautiful, you have invested in comfortable furniture, and now you are ready to spend a lot of hours outside in the sun enjoying life. With a parasol you can make the most out of your outdoor space by ensuring you can sit safely outside for longer time, both when the sun is at its highest or when the dew falls in the late evening hours.

Cane-line parasols are made of modern and durable matertials that are suitable for any outdoor space, and which retain their appearance and function for many years. The parasols come in several different sizes and colours making it suitable for area. 

When you need to find the right parasol, there are som questions to consider. How big should it be? The colour of it? What kind of material? Do you need a tilt function? What pull-up function do you perfer?

We have made it easy for you. Here is an overview og 5 points to consider when choosing the right parasol:

Two modern and unique lounge chairs with a Cane-line parasol


1. Design

At Cane-line you will find parasols that suits every need. Our parasols are all in a beautiful design and featuring different hany functions. They are produced in either the soft and natural teak, or in the minimalist and Nordic design, aluminium. No matter which parasol you choose, it will be suitable for all outdoor areas. Whether it is for your lounge area, dining area or even a third area.

Exclusive sofa module with side table and outdoor carpet


2. Parasol pole


Cane-line poles are made of teak or aluminium.

Our Classic series is made of certified teak with a classic and timeless design. 

Our teak is delivered untreated, so if you leave the parasol outside, the teak will patinate over time and get a light grey colour. If you prefer to maintain the warm golden teak colour, we recommend treating it with a suitable teak oil on an ongoing basis. Note that teak wood is a natural product and therefore continues to work. This can mean small cracks due to drying out or teak sticks, which in some cases, can twist/settle. 


Our aluminium parasols are created in minimalist and Nordic design. They are produced with two different surfaces. Powdercoated with a matte look, or anodized aluminium with a more glossy look. Anodizing is an electrochemical surface treatment that ensures longer durability and resistance to corrosion and scratches. The anodization ancreases the thickness of the naturally occurring oxide layer (protective film) of the aluminium. The increased oxide layer ensures that the appearance of the aliminium metal is retained for many years. Both surface are suitable for outdoor use.

Parasol fabric Cane-line parasol

3. Parasol fabric

The fabric on our parasols is available in Solution Dyed Polyester and 100% Olefin. These two materials are very durable. They have superior colour fastness as the colour goes all the way through the fibre, making them resistant to sunlight, and therefore do not fade. In addition, they have mildew resistance and drying fast after a downpour. The colour is very uniform, and the fabric is water resistant. The  fabrics ventilate well and ensure resistance to condensation and moisture.

The choice of colour of the fabric depends on which fabric you choose: Solution 
Dyed polyester is available in Light grey, Dusty white and Anthracite. Olefin is available in Dusty white. 

Our teakwood series is the only series that stands out and os only made in Solution Dyed polyester and in the colour Mud.

Outdoor dining area with round table and parasol


4. Size

The teak parasols are available in the following dimensions:

Height: 90.2" or 98"

Diameter: 94.5" or 118.1"

The size of aluminium parasols depends on which series you choose, but are available in the following dimensions:

Height: From 95.3" to 111.9"

Diameter: From 78.7" to 157.5"


Cosy lounge area with modern parasol


5. Open-close system

Cane-line parasolss come with different open-close systems. When you choose your parasol, you must consider which systsem you prefer. With the tilt function you can position your parasol in the best angle towards the sunlight. A standard parasol is ideal for covering a table that does not have a central parasol hole. A crank to open and close the larger parasols make the set-up much easier. We have 4 different open closing systems:


All our parasols are able to stand outside all year round, but we recommend covering it with a parasol cover during the winter or for longer periods when not in use. Be sure to "lift" the cover once in a while so that air can circulate and remove any condensation.

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